Healthy Cycle Tea

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If you have heavy cycles this tea is for you.

Contrary to popular belief heavy cycles are NOT normal and you do NOT have to suffer through them anymore.

Many of the issues surrounding painful and heavy periods come from hormonal imbalances, issues within the gut, and problems with the liver.

Healthy cycle tea addresses all of those issues so that you can have a pain free cycle (or at least a decreased amount of pain) without having to take medicine.

This organic and handcrafted tea contains organic herbs which means that you don't have to worry about plastics and chemicals that can leech into your tea. Many commercially sold teas aren't just bad for you, but they can be downright dangerous if you are looking to remove heavy cycles from your life.

Conventional teas use tea bags that seep plastic and hormone disrupting chemicals into our cups and further exasperate our problems. That leaves most of us with sore boobs, mood swings, hormonal acne, cramps, back pain, and much more.

Healthy Cycle tea is meant to help you to reach your goal of living pain free even during your period. Try some today so you can get rid of your heavy cycles.

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