Adoption is Not a Fix

I see so many people who have gone through fertility battles that did not end up with a baby talk about adopting.  

While I think that adoption can be great, I also understand that adoption is not meant to be a fix for one’s inability to conceive. 

Becoming a parent can be hard for some people, but that does not mean that people should jump straight into adoption after trying to conceive and being unsuccessful. 

Adoption is not meant to heal a person from infertility or fill a void that might be left in one’s heart due to their inability to have biological children. 

Take it from me as someone who has always wanted to adopt, but suffered from secondary infertility, adopting a child (even a baby) will NEVER take away your desire to want to have babies.  

It also doesn’t stop a person from wondering what things would be like if you had given birth to a baby. 

In fact, I didn’t decide to do my IVF cycle until after I had already adopted.  

There are so many times that people enter into adoption for the wrong reasons and I want to be perfectly clear…

Adoption will NOT fix your fertility issues.  Even after you adopt, you will still be infertile and the only way to heal is to take steps toward working through your issues. 

The process of adoption comes with it’s own problems and issues and your children deserve to have parents who are whole because they have their own traumas and it’s not fair to them to be used to fix yours!

Sierra Bizzell is a certified doula, holistic health coach, and master herbalist. Her major goal is to help busy professional women have healthy positive birth experiences. She provides premium services that will allow you to ease your mind as you progress through your health and fertility journey.

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