5 Fertility Myths You Probably Didn’t Know

I want to talk to those who are trying to conceive and those who love someone who is trying to conceive. 

There are many myths surrounding fertility and getting pregnant and they can be very frustrating for those who are trying to have a baby, but are having a hard time. 

In this post, I want to debunk a few myths so that you can better support people who are trying and so that those who want to conceive are able to let go of this type of thinking. 

Myth 1: Only the gestational carrier needs to prepare for pregnancy. 

This is so far from the truth and male factor infertility accounts for 40-50% of the cases of infertility.  Both partners should be checked so that you are able to get a clear picture of what is happening.  

Myth 2: Sexual positions matter when trying to conceive. 

There is NO best position for conceiving.  

Myth 3: Getting your period every month means that you’re fertile. 

Just because you have a period, it does not mean that you ovulate. Therefore, it is important that you track your ovulation to ensure that you are ovulating and that you seek help if you need to. 

Myth 4: Having a child before means that you will always be fertile. 

Secondary infertility is a real thing and it affects 3 million people with wombs in the US. Getting pregnant once, doesn’t mean that you won’t have issues in the future. 

Myth 5: Shifting the focus away from trying will help. 

Relaxing and reducing stress can be very helpful when trying to conceive, but telling someone to relax, will not make them more fertile.  Sometimes there are issues that relaxing can’t help such as tubal factors, diseases, etc.  

This is not an exhaustive list of myths, but I hope that it helps you to understand that fertility issues are a complex problem and sometimes there are issues that may require help.  If you need help, feel free to reach out to me so that I can help you to decide what your next steps should be. 

Sierra Bizzell is a certified doula, holistic health coach, and master herbalist. Her major goal is to help busy professional women have healthy positive birth experiences. She provides premium services that will allow you to ease your mind as you progress through your health and fertility journey.

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