Welcome to my website where I help busy professionals to enhance their fertility and support healthy pregnancies.  

It is my goal to help you to meet your personal wellness goals in a holistic manner so that you can create a healthier you and give birth to healthy babies. 

I provide a holistic approach to fertility and pregnancy that includes mindfulness, stress reduction, self-care, healthy living, rest, and gentle exercise.  

As a birth doula and fertility coach who has battled secondary infertility, it is my goal to help you to be able to enhance your fertility and have a healthy pregnancy without having to break the bank or spend a ridiculous amount of time taking lots of supplements. 

As a health coach and nutritional therapist, I support clients with my knowledge of food, recipes, and meal planning.  

As a master herbalist, I use my extensive knowledge of plants, herbs and natural supplements to support my clients. 

I am also a certified birth and fertility doula, lactation educator, and reiki practitioner.  

I am looking forward to meeting and serving you!


Contact Info:


Phone number: (336) 663-2613