Imagine being pregnant with your first child and doing all the research that you possibly could to have a natural and unmedicated birth. 

You hire a midwife. 

You watch birthing documentaries. 

You create a birth plan. 

Then you find out that you’re going to be induced because your baby is two days late. 

You go to the hospital and the staff is incompetent and rude. 

You are induced even though you’re already in labor. 

Then things pick up and you are left alone to figure out how to labor on your own with your husband who has no clue what to do and your mom who had a completely different experience. 

Every part of your birth is rushed because the staff and the midwife seem like they’re busy and have somewhere to be. 

After 11 hours of laboring on your own with no help from anyone (and no pain medication), you finally start to push and that’s when IT happens…

You’re whisked away for a C-section because your baby was facing up and her heart rate dropped once. 

This experience sounds traumatic, but imagine that it was your ONLY birthing experience because this same C-section caused you to become infertile and need IVF to conceive. 

If you’re thinking that this story sucked, you’re right and the story was mine. 

I am Sierra Bizzell and I am a certified birth doula, lactation educator, and a pregnancy coach. 

As a doula it is my goal to keep you from having a traumatic birthing experience and to help you to have the birth that you desire. 

Check out the current stats from right here within the USA:

  • 1 in 3 birthing persons has a cesarean section (32.8%)
  • The maternal mortality rates are rising (especially for black folks)
  • 60% of these maternal deaths that occur are preventable
  • Between 25-34% of birthing people said that their birth was traumatic

Don’t let these statistics scare you!

Having a doula can help to decrease these risks.  

In fact having a doula has been shown to: 

  • Reduce the C-section Rates
  • Lower the risk of having pitocin
  • Help birthing persons to have a more positive birthing experience

My life’s mission is to help you to have a birth that you can look back on without having to feel sad or angry. 

I want you to be able to tell a story of a peaceful and powerful birth where you were informed and supported. 

When I walk into a room, I enter wanting to ensure that I am the support person and advocate that I wish I had. 

I promise to: 

Answer all of your questions. 

Make sure that you have continuous support. 

To give you evidenced based information. 

Most importantly, I promise that your birth will be an experience that you will look back on and feel good about.

I am looking forward to meeting and serving you!


Contact Info:


Phone number: (336) 663-2613


Certified Birth Doula – Dona International

Certified Holistic Health and Pregnancy Coach – Dr. Sears Wellness Academy

Fertility Doula – Mammissi Doula Training

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Advocate – Quilt International

Certified Lactation Educator – Breastfeed LA